The Beyond Diet for Weight Loss

The Beyond Diet for Weight Loss

The Beyond Diet is a diet program developed by the nutritional coordinator of Diet Solution Programme, Isabel De Los Rios. The key elements of the Beyond Diet method are the mix of active and healthy eating. The diet is also a gluten-free diet that excludes or reduces all wheat products. That is how people stayed slim before packaged foods and fast food were introduced to the world.

The Beyond diet intends to make you lose up to ten pounds by adopting a lesser carbohydrate-driven meal programme in two weeks. The method, described by the writer Isabel De Los Rios in the book Beyond Diet, seeks to start weight loss quickly with a rather restrictive diet.

The Beyond Diet provides inspiration for people dealing with weight loss and wants to improve their body. The Beyond Diet makes you a firm pledge to shed any pounds within a specified amount of time. I guess this is all we wanted to hear from a diet.

Pros and Cons of The Beyond Diet


Focuses on Fruits and Vegetables

The Beyond diet clearly places fruit and vegetables at the basis of this plan. You should eat them every meal for weight reduction. As fresh foods are the foundation of a balanced diet, it is an advantage on this diet’s side. There are also several recipes that would definitely inspire you to consume more vegetables.

No Sugar

The introduction of sugar is unnecessary and perhaps most of us will benefit from grazing our diets with sweetened and other forms of added sugar. The Beyond diet addresses this by removing all products in all forms with added glucose — including corn syrup with high fructose.

Active Support Group

Social assistance certainly helps several people lose weight, and those who follow the Beyond Diet often enjoy the support offered on the web site. But remember that to enter the party, you have to pay.


No Place for Healthy Whole Grains

Avoiding whole food groups can make it difficult and unhealthy to follow a diet. In addition to the diet, all grain products including whole grains are eliminated.

Purchase of Proprietary Products is Necessary

There are a lot of homemade smoothies on diets; but the Beyond diet expects you to pay top dollars for your own green beverage powder (almost $3 per day). This will financially detach other participants from the system.

Unsustainable in the Long-term

In the short term, the Beyond Diet will probably help you lose weight. But any diet, in which large food groups are excluded or heavily limited, will certainly not work in the long term. You can have bread after the beginning of the diet 28 days, but only whole grain bread is sprouted. This is too restrictive for most people.

What Can You Eat?

If you have followed a low-carb diet before, the Beyond diet meal schedule will be no shock for the first 28 days. The diet is packed with fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, as well as other high-protein, fatty foods, such as chicken and fish.

In addition to cocoa and olive oil, the Beyond diet also includes nuts and seeds to cook more delicious foods. The Beyond diet excludes canola oil from all its foods and programmes, although it is typically recommended by nutritionists and health experts for its overall health benefits.

Sample Meal Plan for the Beyond Diet

  • Breakfast – Turkish yogurt with fresh berries and almonds
  • Lunch – Tuna Salad Sandwich
  • Afternoon Snack – Humus with raw vegetables
  • Dinner – Beef, snap pea, asparagus
  • Dessert – Pumpkin in Coconut Milk

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