Healthy Diet for Weight Gain for Women

Healthy Diet for Weight Gain for Women

Being thin can often be healthy, being underweight can be a concern if it is the result of poor nutrition or if you are pregnant or have other health problems. About two-thirds of the people are overweight or obese. However, there are also many people with the opposite problem of being too skinny, and some people are naturally very skinny but still healthy. Being underweight doesn’t necessarily mean you have a health problem.

It is concerning since being underweight can be as bad for your health as being obese. Also, many people who are not clinically underweight still want to gain weight.

Doctors generally recommend gaining weight for people who continuously weigh very little, which can cause various health problems. Being underweight is about 2-3 times more common in girls and women compared to men.

Risks Of Being Underweight

Skin, hair, or teeth problems: If a woman does not get enough nutrients in her daily diet, she can show physical symptoms, such as thinning skin, hair loss, dry skin, or poor dental health.

Irregular periods: Underweight women may not have regular periods, may find menstruation stops or a teenager’s first period may be late or absent. Irregular or absent menstruation can cause infertility.

Slow or impaired growth: Young women require nutrients to grow and produce healthy bones. Being underweight and not getting enough calories could mean that a person may not develop as expected. Doctors call this a “failure to prosper.”

Get sick often: If a woman doesn’t get enough energy from her diet to maintain a healthy body weight, she may not get enough nutrients to fight infection. As a result, a woman can get sick more often, and common illnesses, such as a cold, can last longer than they usually would.

Feeling tired all the time: Calories are a measure of the energy that a particular food can give a person. Not taking sufficient calories to keep a healthy weight can make women seem fatigued.

Diet For Weight Gain For Women


Some people are confused about the effect of milk and other dairy products on weight. Evidence shows that these foods have a neutral or positive effect on body weight. Milk is a creamy, nutritious white fluid generated by female animals.

One of the most consumed varieties is cow’s milk, which contains carbohydrates, fats, proteins, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals.

Milk contains two main proteins that are whey and casein. Some studies show that these proteins can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, two risk factors for heart disease.


Rice is a convenient and inexpensive source of carbohydrates to help you gain weight.

It is also quite a calorie-dense, which means you can quickly get plenty of carbohydrates and calories from a single serving. It helps you eat more food, especially if you have a poor appetite or fill up quickly. The popular method is to prepare a large rice pot for the week and combine it with some healthy protein and fat.

However, vast amounts may not be wise due to their latent content of arsenic and phytic acid. Arsenic can cause toxicity, and phytic acid can reduce the absorption of zinc and iron.

Peanut Butter

Overeating peanut butter can increase the number of calories and fat in someone’s diet. If a person is eating more calories than he needs, he can gain weight. Peanut butter contains high levels of calories and fat; it may not promote long-term weight gain when consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Although peanut butter contains high levels of fat, it contains low levels of saturated fat and significant amounts of good fats that are healthy for the body. Peanut butter can also help people fill up more, so they may not need to eat as much.

Whole Grain Bread

Whole wheat bread is another excellent source of carbohydrates to help you gain weight. You can prepare simple, high-calorie, well-balanced meals by combining bread with protein sources like eggs, meat, and cheese.

Dark Chocolate

High-quality dark chocolate gives a ton of antioxidants and health gains. Most people suggest eating dark chocolate with cocoa. Like other high-fat foods, dark chocolate has a very high-calorie density, which means that it is effortless to get a lot of calories.

Bottom Line

The secret behind gaining weight is regularly eating more calories than you need. Incorporate the foods on this list into the meals and meal plans that you enjoy and maintain over the long term.

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